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Our Teachers
"We are so grateful for your help with the CSA Minority Acting Seminar. I can't begin to tell you the enthusiastic response we have received from the students after studying with you."
The Casting Society of America
"Lehman's actors are so well grounded, so drilled in the art of spontaneity that they are always creative, even with the most mundane script."
Mark Malis, Casting - Universal Studios TV
"I've been in this business for 45 years, and I've learned more about acting in the past hour and a half than I learned in all that time."
David Graham, Casting Director
Comments from Students
"Your excitement over each person was so impressive, and your energy level is unbelievable!"
Ellen Hollingsworth
"You truly have a gift of developing an individual's self-confidence, and knowing where people need developing."
Michelle Sherbring
"I feel that by meeting David learning from him will save me hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars that would have been spent learning from the wrong people."
Theresa Bell
"It's been inspiring to watch you coach with genuine understanding, compassion and love."
Mary Ann Hyde
"I felt comfortable learning to express myself in the atmosphere you created. Something that might seem as simple as that is hard to find in an acting teacher."
Katrina Curry
"Because of you I have found a sense of freedom & strength...Your love for your students, your gift as a teacher, your wisdom of life has touched many."
Karla Garrison
"Now I am confident, willing to take risks, and self-assured in my acting. I attribute all of this to David Lehman's method of teaching."
David Williams
"I have learned a lot about myself in your class, which has benefited me in ways that go way beyond acting."
Megan Hornaday
"You have given to each student, beginners and non-beginners the attention that is needed."
Susan Morris

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The studio congratulates Cyan Okada for booking a Hallmark commercial!!!
Class/Coaching Info
Our Teachers